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Cambridge Wedding Photography - Learn From The Best

February 28, 2017

Before each wedding season begins, I take time to look back at the previous year and ask myself what I would like to improve on.  Is that because I think I did a bad job? - no, of course not and my feedback from all my couples reminds me of just that.

I am a constructive person by nature and will continuously look to improve everything about my business and one thing I love to take on is training sessions from other photographers.  There's always something new to learn - new techniques, new posing, new technology, new editing methods and more.

As you'll see from the images below, I enjoy using dynamic lighting to create 'wow' shots for my couples and constantly push for new ideas around this.

So, this year, I've decided to train with one of the best, most sought after wedding photographers in the UK if not the world - Brett Harkness.

View for yourself here - Brett Harkness Weddings - and you'll see why Brett's work is inspiring to many photographers and why I'm so looking forward to learning from him!  The tagline from his site and the title of this post - "Learn from the best..." - I can't wait.

Thanks for reading.


Cambridge Wedding Photography - Dynamic Lighting