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Chris Tromans - Cambridge Wedding Photographer

No, this isn't a game of Guess Who.

This is where you get to find out a little about me.

I'm 40 but have been recently told I only look 32 so lets stick to that!  I started my photography career around 6 years ago and my main inspiration was my own wedding to my beautiful wife Catherine almost 9 years ago.  Knowing how we felt when we received our wedding photography back gave me the desire to see those same beaming smiles on other couple's faces when I was seeing them view theirs.  I've also been inspired by some of most amazing photographers in this country and worldwide - I've even got to work with some of them!  And I never stop learning... you just can't.

I love photographing weddings, families, couples, anyone.  I so enjoy helping people relax on a shoot, be it a bride and groom in love on their big day or a family on a lifestyle shoot.  I love it when a shoot turns into a good chat while getting some awesome images!

What else do I love?  My family - my two little ones - Olivia, 6 and Josh, 3.  They are growing up so fast and I know for one how important it is to capture memories of them as they do.  My cats - Bailey and Wilbur - I love watching them race around after each other.  I essentially have 4 small things in the house that wake me up at some early hour in the morning by either jumping on the bed (the kids!) or biting my toes (the cats!).  But I wouldn't change it for the world - even if it does mean a 6am start!

What else takes up my time?  When I'm not shooting or editing, I'm doing up the house, mowing the lawn, out running or cycling, cooking for the family, building the kids Lego (you never grow up!) - I'm not really one to be sitting down.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.

I now look forward to finding out a bit about you.