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"We were both extremely pleased with your entire service, professionalism and quality"

                          - kind words from a 2015 Wedding Couple


This page is a bit like an FAQ - it tells you a bit about how I work with you as a client...


          How Do I...... Take A Booking?

For Lifestyle and Studio shoots, once we've set a date and time I will send you a Lifestyle Photography Agreement form that I will ask you to return by email or post.  Then I just ask you to bring the shoot fee to the session itself.

For Weddings,  I usually like to meet or have a Skype/Facetime call with all couples during a consultation beforehand.  Once you've decided to book, I will send you a Wedding Photography Agreement to return by email or post.  I also ask for 25% of the package cost as a booking fee.  Return the agreement and settle the booking fee invoice and you're all booked in - the date is yours and I'll really look forward to shooting your big day!


          How Do I...... Shoot Your Lifestyle Session? 

Beforehand I will tend to ask you for the names (and ages if there's little ones involved) of everyone coming to the shoot.  That's not because I'm nosy - I just find knowing who people are and using first names helps relax everyone throughout the session.  The goal of my Lifestyle sessions is that at the end of a couple of hours, we've had a great chat, got to know a bit about each other, and of course got some awesome images!  It's as simple as that.  I will bring some lighting kit to control the light when I need to but it's really just you, me, some camera kit and a fun walk around. 


          How Do I...... Plan For Your Wedding?

I am the kind of person who plans in some detail.  With weddings however, we always know things may change on the day, timings move, weather changes - well that's actually all still in my plan.  Once you're booked in, your details are in my system and I'll keep in touch throughout the time before the wedding day - I like to get to know a bit about you as it helps us work better together.

In the months and weeks leading up to the wedding I will have done a few things.  Firstly I pre-visit all new venues I'm going to be shooting at - it gives me a great idea for shots we can do on the day.  I will also ask you to fill in a Details Request document - it's just a couple of pages to fill in with details of the key people at the wedding, an idea of the timeline of the day and a list of any group shots you would like me to shoot.  From this I create my own plan of the day with alternative scenarios which may or may not happen - i.e. I always have my WWO (wet weather options).

In the week before the wedding, I'll have a chat with you both usually over a Skype/FaceTime/Phone call, go through the timeline, the shot lists and check if anything has changed.  You'll know exactly when I'm going to be turning up and where and I'll then see you on the day!


          How Do I...... Shoot Your Wedding? 

To begin with, I'm someone who always turns up early everywhere - I like to consider possible traffic etc!  That doesn't mean that I'll intrude before you're expecting me - I just make sure I'm in very close vicinity.  If it's at the venue, I'll usually take a wander around and take some 'setting the scene' shots.

I'll then let you know I'm here - one less thing on your mind when you know your photographer has arrived!

From then onwards, I'll really just follow the plan that we've talked about.  It's not a second-by-second or even a minute-by-minute plan as taking that approach doesn't allow for the kind of spontaneous images I'll be capturing.  It's just a plan that separates the day into sections and allows me to make sure I've got the shots that I know will tell the story of the day when you look back at them afterwards.

Although my packages have a timeframe to them, if I know I'll need to stay a little longer to ensure I've captured the shots you'll want to remember then that's what I'll always do.  If the dance floor is looking like a big party after your first dance then you can pretty much guarantee I'll be in the middle of it somewhere shooting away!


          How Do I...... Protect Your Images? 

On the day of a Lifestyle session or Wedding, you'll see me with a pouch on my belt.  The most important thing it contains are the memory cards that hold your images - they are very safely zipped away and it doesn't leave my side until I'm home again.  If I'm using a second shooter, their memory cards also go in my pouch when they're full. 

Once I'm home (yes, even if it's midnight after a wedding!), the cards are immediately imported onto my systems and then backed up multiple times.  Backups are kept on site, off site and in the cloud.  Once I've edited your images, they'll be safely uploaded to your online gallery and be ready for you to view.  My cloud-based storage is unlimited so there's never a reason for me to remove a set of images.


          How Do I...... Edit Your Images? 

Your images are edited using several professional software packages including Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  The first step is to remove the ones that aren't "keepers" as we'd say.  I like you to see the perfect images, not the ones where the camera didn't quite hit focus or someone walked in front of you.  After that, every image you receive will have gone through an individual edit to ensure it's of the best possibly quality.  The screens I use are calibrated so that everything is technically accurate.


          How Do I...... Deliver Your Images?

For Lifestyle sessions, I deliver your images by emailing you a link to your password-protected online gallery.  From here you can look through all the shots and order prints and products such as canvases directly from there.  For digital file copies, I'll send an invoice out to you and on receipt of payment, I'll open up those files for download straight from the gallery.  If you choose the option to purchase all the digital files from the shoot, you will receive them all on a beautiful custom wooden USB stick.

For Weddings, where possible and usually in 3-4 weeks, I always like to deliver your images by hand as I love to catch up with you again after you've been on your honeymoon!  I will bring your customised wooden USB box with me and, if you have the slideshow as part of your package, I will have it loaded up ready on an iPad ready to view directly or hook up to your TV via an HDMI connection or an Apple TV / Google Chromecast if you have one!  That saves you having to find your laptop and cables etc.  You'll also get the link to your online gallery at the same time to share with family and friends.

If you've opted to have an amazing wedding album created by me, then this will be designed and produced after initial delivery of the wedding photography images.


          How Do I...... Allow You to Print And Share Your Images?

A question I often get asked is regarding the copyright of your images.  Photographers pretty much always keep the 'copyright' to your images.  What I then do is provide you with a 'license' to allow you to print and share your images for any non-commercial purpose.


          How Do I...... Handle The Unexpected? 

On any shoot, I'm always prepared should anything go a little away from plan.  This could be the timings of the day, the weather, people not being around or otherwise.  You'll never see me panic - you'll just see me calmly work through and most of the time you won't even notice.

I always have backup equipment with me - multiple cameras, lenses, lights, batteries, memory cards as yes, things sometimes stop working.  I can instantly switch over to another set of equipment and carry on as normal.

After the shoot, if a system stops working or a hard disk fails, then the backups come into play and I can carry on as normal very quickly.

I'm also fully insured with a public liability insurance policy.