Chris Tromans Photography | How To Order Prints, Products and Digital Files


How to Order Prints, Wall Products and Digital Files

Once your Lifestyle, Studio, Engagement or Wedding shoot is complete, prints, wall products and digital files can be purchased from your gallery.  The following page is a quick step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Please note that prices shown in screenshots below do not necessarily reflect current prices when ordering.


Prints and Wall Products

These can be purchased directly from your gallery on – shown below using an example of my daughter’s “first day at school” photos.

There are two main ways to go through to add products into the Shopping Cart:

        1. Pre-select a set of images and then choose which product you’d like for them

        2. Click on each individual image and choose the product

These methods are described below:


For method 1...

First click “Select Photos” in the top right toolbar”:

Then, as you float over each image you can ‘tick’ it by clicking the circle at the bottom left of the image:

Select all the photos you wish to purchase and then click “Buy” then “Select product for n photos”:

You will then be shown the list of products you can buy directly from the site – click “Select” against the product you wish to purchase (this choice will apply to all the images you selected):

Then click “Add to Cart”.  This put your selection of product in the cart for those images you ticked:

You can then tick another selection of images and choose a different product and those to the cart as well:


For method 2...

From the gallery, click on an individual image to take you to this view:

Then click on the product you’d like to purchase for this image on the right:

This will display the list of products with the one you’ve selected.  To purchase this product for this image, click “Add to Cart”:


Once you are happy with your shopping cart contents...

To complete the purchase of the items in the shopping cart, you can either register on the website to view your order afterwards or checkout as a guest – you may have been asked to Register after putting your first item in the cart.  If not, just click on the “Cart” top right to begin the checkout process:

Once viewing your shopping cart, click on “Checkout Now”:

To register on the site (to access order history etc) fill in the details and click “Continue”:

If you prefer, you can just checkout as a guest by clicking “Checkout as a Guest” on the above screen.

From this point in the process, you will then be asked for your shipping details:

You will then be asked to choose a shipping method:

The final part will ask you for payment details:

You can then confirm your order.  The order will be emailed to Chris Tromans first so that print sizes and crop-ratios can be double-checked.  This is then very quickly verified and processed and your order will be on its way to you very soon.


Digital Files

To purchase high resolution digital files, you will need to note the image numbers from your gallery and email me the numbers for those which you would like to purchase.

We will then calculate the cost and email an invoice for the total cost.  Upon payment, they will be made available for download directly from your gallery.


To identify the image numbers...

In “Full Gallery” mode you can float over each image and the ‘image number’ will appear in the top right of the image:

In “Single Image” mode, you will see the image number towards the top right – it will say, for example “3 of 17 photos” – 3 is then your image number.  You can also float over the images in the thumbnails on the right hand side and image number will appear on each one: