Chris Tromans Photography | What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book

"The images are absolutely incredible Chris...!"


The photography at your wedding is no doubt the main memory you'll be looking back at over and over again once your big day is over.  So you'll be wanting to look for a very professional photographer with the talent, the experience, the equipment and the people-skills to do an amazing job for you.

When you are looking at possible photographers to book, here is my advise on a list of questions to ask them to make sure you've got the confidence in who you hire...  I've also given my answers here to start you off...


        First and foremost, have you shot weddings before as a main photographer?

I've been shooting weddings now since 2012 so have the experience of and the ability to cope with the pressure a wedding day can have from our side of the lens.  I also have the know-how of the preparation that goes in before the big day between a photographer and a couple - from ensuring I know the key shots you would like from the day to advising on timings to get the best flow of the day etc.  I'm aware we all have to start somewhere and I put in over a years worth of training and second shooting before my first solo wedding.


         Can you show us a full wedding that you have shot recently?

Absolutely - I can show you many wedding online galleries that I've shot over the years where I've been the main photographer.  I can also show you sample albums of full weddings covering from bridal prep in the early morning right through to late night dancing and dynamic evening lighting shots!


         What happens if illness prevents you shooting on the day?

I have failsafe procedures in place such that, if I really can't be available due to serious illness, then contact is made with a numerous selection of wedding photographer groups to source an equivalent professional wedding photographer with a similar style.  I have seen this happen with other photographers over the years but rest assured that all those weddings were covered and in fact replacements were located usually within 5-10 minutes of the message going out.


         Do you have backup equipment should any of it go wrong?

Of course, I arrive at any wedding with primary and backup equipment! - usually 3 full frame professional camera bodies, up to 10 lenses and around 8 speedlites along with all the rest of my kit - it's a car full!  This covers me for any eventuality that could happen.  Yes - I have dropped a camera before  (believe me, a lot of us have!) - it just goes in the bag and the replacement comes out for the next shot - no panic.  Backup procedures after the wedding day are also in place with your images.  All my camera bodies have dual cards so I instantly have two copies of your images.  Once I'm home from a wedding the first thing I do is upload and backup again onto multiple drives.  By the time you wake up the following day, I've got at least 4 copies of your images both at my work location and offsite.  Once edited, I also then have multiple cloud-based backups of the final images.


         Are you fully insured?

I have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.  Please make sure any photographer you talk to has both of these.  Most venues won't let them shoot without public liability insurance.


         How long does it take to receive the images after the wedding?

I usually deliver the images on the customised USB within 4 weeks after the wedding day.  Every selected image has gone through a professional editing suite and has been adjusted for colour, exposure etc.  Be wary of photographers saying they can deliver in a couple of days - yes you'll get your images very quickly but it may mean they haven't been professionally edited - it's not a quick task.


         What happens if the weather is bad?

I will have visited every wedding venue before the day and will have my 'wet weather option' in my head for all key times of the day - for example for group shots or bride and groom portraits.  Needless to say, I have the kit and experience to deal with whatever comes from the sky on the day.  I also bring lots of lovely brollies with me that are all yours if you want to use them - they're not for me!


Obviously you're free to ask me any other questions you want!  I may even add them to the list above...